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A Future Reimagined

Imagine everything you know about remittances to developing countries and throw it away. Think radically. Think fresh. That’s the future Bayfikr imagines.

Bayfikr connects loved ones living apart. While everyone focuses on sending remittances. We remove the need for it altogether. We empower global migrants to make instant, convenient and cost-effective payments in their home countries as if they were local ones. Now migrants do not remit money. They use Bayfikr. 

Bayfikr imagines a future where migrants, living in developed countries, have more control of the money they send, convenience in the way they make home-country payments & affordability to make those payments. It will provide a future where expats sitting in Dubai will pay their house taxes, renew car registrations or send money to their Roshan Digital Accounts. Or they can do simple money remittance. And we will reward users for every transaction they make.

Personalization & Automation

As consumers, we are used to tech companies releasing new products and updates every year. New hardware and its associated software allow all of us to enhance and personalize our gadgets to us. However, this personalisation can be improved a lot in the FinTech space, especially when it comes to remittances or cross-border payments. In fact, the remittance space hasn’t seen much innovation in the last few years. Bayfikr is changing this. We are bringing innovation and revolution to the remittance market. We will be coming up with new and fresh products frequently for the benefit of expats and immigrants.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), we create a more customized experience that adapts to each customer's individual needs. So, if you want to send money to your family back home, you can do so but if you need to make a payment, you can do that too or you can do both. We will help you send just the right amount based on our algorithms. Our “set it and forget it” model is ideal for modern migrants who want convenience and control of their money. 

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