Invest in Roshan Digital Accounts through Bayfikr

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Invest in Roshan Digital Accounts through Bayfikr

In the last decade, the world has moved from physical visits to banks for taking cash, transferring money, paying bills, investing etc. to doing all that from the comfort of their homes using their phones. The State Bank of Pakistan, although slightly late to the digital/FinTech revolution, has certainly warmed up to it. One of its initiatives has been the Roshan Digital Account (RDA). RDA is a tailor-made financial solution, designed to encourage Overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan through a variety of products in various currencies (GBP, PKR, USD & EUR). Overseas Pakistanis can now open an RDA digitally without the need to be in Pakistan.
Almost all major banks in Pakistan offer RDA including big names like Habib Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah, UBL, MCB, Faysal Bank, Meezan Bank etc. They all have their own products ranging from Naya Pakistan Certificates to car Loans. Naya Pakistan Certificates offer up to a 7% Dollar return or a 6.5% British Pound return depending on which bank or currency you chose to invest in. Banks also offer Islamic finance investment & saving products. RDA also allows account holders to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. RDA has made investing in Pakistan easier. Overseas Pakistanis can send money to their RDA using the Bayfikr app. Bayfikr charges zero fee to transfer money to an RDA account. Other companies will charge £5-9 to send money to RDA. Inflows through RDA reached $3.382 billion by January 2022 from 175 countries with over 342.6K accounts. 
Overseas Pakistanis invest in Pakistan for a variety of reasons. Some of them plan to move back to Pakistan, so they want to have an investment for their families. Many want to have another source of income and a 7% Dollar return is a very good return. Many others want to improve and secure lifestyle changes for their children and parents. Expats want to fill the void of their absence by doing things for their families. Another factor is that a lot of expats are patriotic because of which they want to invest in the country. 

Bayfikr makes it convenient for all Overseas Pakistanis to invest in the country. The Bayfikr app gives users the freedom of transferring money to any bank account in Pakistan from their mobile phone. They can pay mobile, electricity, gas, internet bills, credit cards, school fees, and government departments from the app. Above all, it charges zero transfer fees and the best exchange rate. 

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