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Simply choose the bill you wish to pay, enter your customer number and you’re done!

  • Multiple Billers.
  • Save Billers to save time.
  • Add different debit/credit cards for safe payment or pay instantly from your UK bank account.
Multiple Billers One Click Payment from your UK Bank Add Multiple Cards

Features that give you convenience

At Bayfikr we want Overseas Pakistanis to have a peace of mind. No need to setup bank accounts to pay your Pakistani bills. Just pay instantly with your normal credit/debit card or your UK bank account using our app.

You can pay utility bills for your family, school and university fees for your children, hospital fees for your loved ones, government payments and much more.

User Friendly
Instant Confirmation
Minimal Interface
Secure Payment
The Bayfikr Advantage!

Amazing features helping you
pay your Pakistani Bills

100+ Billers

Bayfikr brings a vast majority of Pakistani billers to cater to your needs.

Transfer Money

Bayfikr lets you transfer money to any bank account in Pakistan.

Loved ones

Pakistanis residing abroad will always have a special connection with their loved ones living back home. After all, one of the main reasons we move abroad is to earn enough to sustain our families. When we are away, we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways of providing for those who rely on us.

Even in cases where our parents or loved ones are self-sufficient and do not want us to help them financially, we have this longing to help them and be there for them in these tough times. We can simply pay a utility bill on their behalf, a modern way of being there for them!

Bayfikr was designed to do just that. We ensure convenience for not just you but your families too. Just think about it, why let your brother stand in queues to pay a simple bill. Just pay it through Bayfikr.

Speed and convenience

Nowadays, especially with our fast paced life styles, we ask for nothing more than to rely on a dependable app which will enable us to make our home country payments fast. Bayfikr does just that!

We have categorized the billers according to sector and industry for your convenience. You can simply choose any biller, say any top mobile service, type in the relevant mobile number and press pay. It’s just that simple. We have tested our bill payments rigorously with end users and your bills get paid in less than 6 seconds.


The founders of Bayfikr are expat Pakistanis just like you. Living and working abroad for decades and sending money to loved ones made us realize that the present money sending apps on app stores do not really cater to all our requirements. Sure they might get the job done but they do not really understand the unique requirements of Overseas Pakistanis. Like you, we wanted to do more for our families. We did not want our elders to physically go to banks to collect funds and pay bills. There was nothing available in the market which would not only help us in sending money but also pay all these billers directly.

Being proud Pakistanis, we took up this challenge to make an app which would address most of the issues in the remittance space. Today we might be a small player in the market but we aren’t afraid to stand up to the big boys. Pakistanis are smart and patriotic to the core! We are confident Bayfikr will meet all your requirements and you will be happy to use it as its made by people like yourself.

Pay with Confidence

Is Bayfikr safe? Security is embedded in our entire payment process. We follow a strict set of rules set by our partners and regulatory agencies like the FCA in the UK. These agencies protect you, and protect the market we operate in. We always act fairly and honestly, in the best interests of our customers. Bayfikr likes to partner with suppliers and vendors that operate with the same or similar values around lawfulness, ethics, and integrity that Bayfikr does, especially if they manage customer data. Our infrastructure servers reside behind high-availability firewalls and are monitored for the detection and prevention of various network security threats.

Are my transactions safe? Yes. We don’t store any of your payment data. Any payments you make are directly from your mobile banking application or banking website through Open Banking. For card payments, we use a secure and renowned payment service ( to make that possible. This means your payments are always secure!

Is my data safe? We’ve got your back. Whether we’re storing or processing your data, they’re always protected. We’re transparent in how we collect, process, and store it. You can read more about our privacy policy here.

Our founders

This is our story!

Bayfikr was born out of 11 years of sheer frustration. We could not pay Pakistani utility bills, government fees, hospital payments directly while living abroad. We realized the current solutions either did not offer it or we had to setup accounts with Pakistani banks, which we did not want. So, we decided to change the game.

You don’t need to go out of your office or home. You don’t need multiple bank apps. All you need is Bayfikr.

Our mission is to provide control and convenience to all Overseas Pakistanis so that they can be Bayfikr about payments in Pakistan. Whether it is school fees, electricity bills or money transfer, just login to our app, choose who you want to pay and pay instantly. That’s it!

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Nabeel Khan


Rascim KK


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